Peter Reso Custom Made Suits

Specializing in made-to-measure tailored garments

Suits, dress suits, jackets and trousers, choose your own fabrics and styles from our vast and exclusive range. We also make custom made suits for weddings, bar mitzvahs and other special occasions.

Visit Clive Lauter and Martine Hesselberg at our Johannesburg showroom or arrange with Clive to have our consultant see you at your home or office in Johannesburg and with Paul to see you at your home or office in Cape Town.

Established since 1976 with more than 35 years of tailoring expertise

Peter Reso, one of SA’s long established made to measure custom made suits brand, offers a new sense of cutting edge design in its line of exclusively tailored bespoke men’s suits.

Its founder, the late, much admired Peter Reso, dressed many of the well- known and powerful and his clients included actors such as Sean Connery and Roger Moore, as well as Heads of State

The brand, which evolved by word of mouth, has become one of those must have items, that represent those who appreciate quality and who have truly arrived.

Apart from appealing to those who subscribe to “power dressing”, it also appeals to those who seek individually tailored garments, offering beauty and ease of movement, at a price far below what one would pay on Saville Row”

Blue is the latest black with regards to suits. It offers a more youthful trademark and enhances your style identity. It’s a versatile shading and can be worn on any event, whether for work, gatherings, weddings etc. Recognizing what to wear with a blue suit can be somewhat troublesome. Whether it’s picking the correct shirt to shoes et cetera. We’ve assembled a guide on the most proficient method to wear a blue suit.

When wearing a blue suit, there are a couple of guidelines which you ought to follow.

Shirts: With regards to choosing the shirt, a fresh white shirt would be perfect. It’s flexible and would look awesome with or without a tie. In any case, you can likewise go for a pale pink or blue shirt, which will add a touch of complexity to your overall look.

Accessories: With regards to accessories, picking a colour for your tie is limitless. So as to pick the right tie, consider the event and the shade of blue your suit is as you need something which compliments well. In case you’re deciding on a safer alternative a black or navy would function admirably. In case you’re feeling creative; a red, burgundy or a designed tie would look perfect. For a pocket square a plain version would be awesome for a designed suit. In case you’re wearing a plain suit, then the worlds your oyster as you can go for anything. However, remember your tie and pocket square shouldn’t match.

Footwear: A pair of black or brown will be the best colour choice, however you can likewise go for a tan pair. In case you’re hoping to go for a more casual and relaxed look, a pair of trainers will be the best choice.

Many men tend to wear suits every day or for exceptional events. In case you’re going for dinner with companions or family, we recommend choosing a smart casual look. This medium blue faux uni would look perfect collaborated with a dark crewneck with a white shirt underneath. While picking footwear, go for a pair of trainers in a simplistic design. This will add some dimension to your general look.


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