New Ways To Wear A Suit

Purchasing a suit is the most elegant purchase a person can make. But on the other hand it’s one of the dearest, which means it’s imperative you know how to get as much mileage out of your fitting as could reasonably be possible.

Begin by considering it as the cutting edge man’s armour: a crucial pack that structures the foundation of not only your formal wear arsenal but your casual wardrobe as well. Because of that, let’s look at a few modern ways you can wear a suit for the season ahead.

          New Way To Wear A Suit                    new suit

Checks and Basics

We’ve already praised the ethics of the check suit and its capacity to turbo-charge your formal closet this spring, but designed fitting, by its eye-catching nature, is famously hard to pull off.

Thus, we propose keeping things straightforward by shunning the standard shirt and tie blend for a neutral crew neck T-shirt or Polo shirt. When a huge windowpane theme is set against the scenery of a plain tee, the suit takes on a reassuringly negligible look – perfect for a spring wedding that doesn’t have a strict dress-code.


Regardless of the all-black everything style’s refusal to go out of fashion, wearing a black shirt with a suit of a similar shading is still seen by some fashion insiders as a step too far. However, truth be told; suiting up in the dark stuff looks absolutely slick and sophisticated.

The essential thing here is to guarantee the shirt is the very same shade of dark as the suit. Any variety in tone will make whichever item is lighter seem like it has faded.

Suits & Sneakers

Fouled up, matching some new sneakers with a suit can make it look like the main thing remaining between you and a midlife crisis is a new Porsche.

However done properly, swapping your nice shoes for a pair of trainers seems cool and easy. The key is to pick a ‘grown-up’ pair: insignificant, neutral and ideally leather.

For the more gutsy among you, have a go at dressing down a dinner coat by swapping the Tux pants for a pair in flecked charcoal wool and after that completing with some fresh Stan Smiths.

After all is said and done, you have to like and be comfortable with the style. Because when you feel great, your presentation becomes fabulous as well. By now we also assume you know what suits you as well. 


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