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Peter Reso Designs offers a wide range of smart and classy business suits for our clients to choose from.


It is becoming common for men not to need to wear ties to work, even in places where ‘Smart business dress’ is still required. In this environment, an organization that opts for super-smart business suits as a part of their corporate uniform is certain to blow some people’s minds, both in the work environment and among clients.

Business suit trends we are seeing today: 

1) Suited and booted

A much custom-made, crisp pressed suit remains a great and classic style statement for men. Modest representation is powerful, so colours and texture designs don’t need to be extreme. A two-piece suit with black ankle boots, a plain shirt and well knotted tie is an effective articulation of professional elegance. The most fashionable suit jackets right now are single breasted, to buttoned suits with long thin lapels.

2) Brightly shaded ties

If men’s business suit designs have toned down a bit as of late, the same can’t be said for ties. While not moving toward the curiosity tie trends of the 90s, present day business ties are frequently very bright. This functions admirably with a dimly shaded charcoal or navy suit. Concerning, patterns, stripes and tweed inspired checks with pastel shades are proving to be mainstream among city workers. With respect to how a tie is knotted; a ‘single Windsor’ best compliments the slim line suits and ties that are prevalent today.

3) Seasonal variations

Indeed, even in the most formal working environments, it doesn’t look great to force male colleagues to sweat their way through the most blazing summer months in woollen suits and buttoned up shirts. This doesn’t mean you need to return to a ‘shorts and T-shirt’ rule either. Dressing for the seasons includes having a summer variation of business dress. Lightweight cotton or linen suits, with breathable short-sleeved shirts and light ties keep up a professional appearance all through the late spring, without compromising on comfort.

4) Business suit Colours

We have mentioned already that most famous business suit designs are currently dark. This doesn’t mean they need to be sombre or unimaginative. Black remains a typical choice with a few organizations, however a few organizations discover this gives their group a stilted, formal or unapproachable face. Black suits don’t age and in addition other colours in the event that you are picking the corporate uniform. In place of this various shades of grey are prominent, going from dim charcoal cashmere wool for winter regalia, to lighter shades in the late spring.

The recovery of business suits in the workplace is living evidence that an organization can be “stylish” without succumbing to informality, and that professionalism can be elegant. While choosing a corporate uniform for your group, there are currently a wide number of choices open to you. Connect with our administration at Peter Reso for unbiased advice and to plan a uniform that matches your style and business ethic.

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