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For the average male shopper – that is to state, the man who can value a decent shirt yet isn’t obsessed on style and doesn’t have a degree in fashion design – who’s prepared to make a take-off from the world of off-the-rack clothing, terms like bespoke and tailor-made shirts can appear to be on the other hand attractive and confusing. In spite of the fact that these terms are regularly used reciprocally, insightful customers and philologists might think about whether there is any distinction between them – and in truth there is.

We should take a look at the word ‘bespoke’, which is one term that gets tossed around a lot by online clothiers despite the fact that its present utilization is very unique in relation to its original meaning. Initially instituted in Britain to portray the top of the range shirts and suits created in such places as London’s Saville Row, bespoke things, in the strictest sense of the term are items designed for a client on a one-off basis with no set pattern to begin from. That is to say, with bespoke items no two things will be precisely identical, from a certain point of view. It is the client, for all practical purposes, who “speaks” for his clothing, and how he might want it to be made.

Today, the expression “bespoke” is something of a high-brow word, particularly outside of the UK, where it’s intended to invoke pictures of smart nobles and courteous gentlemen in wool suits (and more often than not carries a price-tag to match this classical image). However, bespoke clothing is not really any superior to different sorts of customised clothing in terms of construction. Also, much to the chagrin of old fashioned bespokers and style idealists all over the place, tailors can use the term bespoke in place of “tailored-made.” 

For quite a while, tailored attire existed somewhere between the ready-to-wear and bespoke classifications, yet the major distinguishing characteristics for tailor-made items is the way that they are designed from an existing pattern or style. A tailored shirt, for instance, would not be made “from scratch” but rather by rolling out improvements to the span of a shirt which has already been designed. Despite the fact that the term may lack the panache of ‘bespoke’, from multiple points of view tailored shirts can be significantly more suitable for guys who do not have a thorough comprehension of tailoring yet need the perfect fit and a more customized feel to their clothing. In any case, regardless of the fact that your shirts are hand sewn, machine sewed, constructed using a pattern you made yourself, the most critical thing is getting clothing you’re happy with. 

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